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Ulbrich: What is your full name? Lynn: Joseph Virgil Lynn Jr.Ulbrich: And when and where were you born? Lynn: I was born in Stonington, Illinois,out in the country. The doctor came to the place, April 21, 1924.Ulbrich: And in the 376th bomb group, which squadron were you in?Lynn: Five fourteenth. Ulbrich: Going back to the years before WorldWar Two started, what was life like for you during the Great Depression?Lynn: Well, we lived on a farm and so we had our own milk and eggs and our own garden andso forth, so food wasn t any problem. 1:00 We had two pairs of overalls; one to go to school and one to do the chores in. One pairof shoes that you wore to school and church, no, to church, then when you went to schoolyou took them off. I was barefooted in school till winter. Everybody was poor, but nobody theywas all the same; everybody was in the same boat and you didn t really realize you werepoor. So, it was kind of a rough time. Ulbrich: Do you think that those hardshipsand, you know, the life that you lived, helped strengthen you and prepare you for being inthe military? Lynn: Oh, I m sure that it did. You hadto make do with what you did and what you had. And it seems kind of true that afteryou got over there, why, you kind of made do with what you could get a hold of, so I msure it helped. Ulbrich: Sure. Sure.2 2:00 Where were you and do you recall what you were doing or what your reaction was whenPearl Harbor was attacked? Lynn: Yes, I was a student at the Universityof Illinois. It was about four o clock when it came over the radio and of course it spreadlike wild fire. Everybody then rushed to the radio to get the news. I remember my dad wascombining beans cause it d been wet that fall. He was in the field combining, so Iknew it before he did. I was a student at the U of I University of Illinois .Ulbrich: What level of education did you reach before you entered the military?Lynn: I was in my sophomore year at U of I when I enlisted. 3:00 I enlisted the eleventh day of December of 40 oh, I don t know, of 43 or four. Forty-three I guess. They didn t call methen until, but oh I don t know, five or six months later.Ulbrich: Right. Did you enlist or did you choose to enlist?Lynn: Oh, I enlisted. Yeah, I had to get permission from my folks. They said, Oh you can comehome and farm. I said, I don t want any part of that. There was eight of us fromthe fraternity went out to Rantoul Illinois and enlisted at the same time. Of the eight,four of them wound up in fighters and four of them in bombers. And everyone that enlistedthat got in the fighters died, so the bomber boys were the only ones that came back.Ulbrich: Wow. And which fraternity was that? Lynn: Alpha Gamma Rho.Ulbrich: All right. Lynn: which was an agriculture fraternity.Ulbrich: Very good, very good. 4:00 Did you was there a chance that you might have been drafted? Basically, why did youtry to enlist in the Army Air Force? Was that your first choice?3 Lynn: Oh, you know, that s where all...